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Riga es tevi milu

Here I am, in Riga. I arrived yesterday, welcomed by a beautiful sunny day.
Once more, my first impression was "I feel like home"! I know this city very well, I spent so much time here already and everytime I come here it's like meeting with your latest dearest lover.
I left my hotel this morning to take a coach to Liepaja. As I was heading to the bus stop, pulling my pulka on Riga's frozen pavment along the road, I felt like an alien.
 At some point I had to cross the road, so I engaged on the zebra-crossing and cars spontaneously stopped to let me go.
I was surprised, for I remember a time were Latvian drivers were "kings of the road" and had no consideration for pedestrians. But things are changing.
I also feel that the country is changing, and changing for the better. People are more friendly , everwhere, and so helpful!
Like yesterday for example, a took a city bus and asked the driver if the bus was stopping at some stop. The man, close to 60 I guess, made all efforts to speak in english to me, such nice man. I remember a time when you had to buy tickets to ladies in buses or tramways (20 cents Lat!!); those old ladies were not talking to you, they even had no face expression, acting like machines.
And Vladimir, whom I meet while waiting at the bus stop, who helped me to load my bags into the bus and even took me to the main bus station.
And what to say about all of you who said that on my way I can call at their place to share a cup of tea!
Damn, how long it will take me to cross the country if I stop at all those places!

Many thanks to all of you, it's good to feel human warmth.


  1. Au-delà de votre exploit physique, je voudrais vous féliciter d'avoir choisi la Lettonie et d'avoir jusque là exprimé des impressions positives. J'ai habité un an à Riga, après 5 ans à Vilnius, et c'est un pays qui est resté cher à mon coeur.

    Je vais suivre votre parcours avec intérêt et je forme le souhait que tout se passe selon vos désirs.

    Bon courage et bien cordialement

  2. Merci Gilles. It is true that Latvia is an amazing wild country, and what to say about it's very welcoming people!