About Latvia 2014

Dear followers!

You will be soon able to follow me on my new project, starting on 1st September 2015.

I will cross again this wonderfull country but in a different way and with a new purpose.

Discover this new exiting adventure here:



I am now in Liepaja. The bus trip was fine, sunny day, beautiful country side to watch. Arrived in Liepaja, I met Linda at the tram station. She works here as translator, so we exchanged few words in French and she helped me with directions. Thank you Linda.

Now I'm watching TV, freestyle snowboard!!! For those who don't know it yet, snowboard is my religion:-) I though that I would miss all the Olympics Games in Sochi, especially snowboard, but lucky me, it's today! What a great thing I postponed my departure to tomorrow, there must be a god for snowboarders. If there are any "riders" reading me, they'll understand :-)

Later, I will go for a walk in the city. I saw people fishing on the icy canal, I will ask for some good fishing tips.

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