About Latvia 2014

Dear followers!

You will be soon able to follow me on my new project, starting on 1st September 2015.

I will cross again this wonderfull country but in a different way and with a new purpose.

Discover this new exiting adventure here:


Departure date change!!!

I have now decided to start on the 7th of February, and not on 6 as previously announced. This is mainly due to organisation matters.

I will stay in Riga on 5th at the Wellton Elephant Hotel, will go to Liepaja on 6 morning and will stay overnight at the Liva Hotel.

Early morning on the 7th I will reach the departure point and start my trip.


  1. :) 20 km per day it is really nothing! when I was living in Latvia, I was doing 20km every day, just to go to work and back. Have nice time! BTW, i will be there in this time too, so maybe we will meet somewhere in middle of the forest!

  2. I live 7km south of Nigrande, come in for a cup of tea and share your stories.

  3. Hi, Stephan, your plan is interesting enough so would be nice to meet you on the way. We'd catch you in Day 10th or 11th near Rundale. Probably you know there are a lot of people in Latvia with adventure soul.

  4. A Jelgava, un peu au Nord de Rundale, ce n'est pas escarpé comme les chemins de randonnée dans la foret de Fameck vers Ranguevaux ... vous aurez en fin de semaine le festival de sculpture de glaces, et quelques lettons francophones pour vous accueillir si besoins.

    Vers l'Est de la Lettonie, à coté de cesvaines, les franco-lettons du manoir - orphelinat de Grasi pourront aussi vous accueillir ...

    Bonne route, Sveiki.

  5. You're right Laila, 20 km per day is not much, but I'm old and lazy, so it's enough for me:-)
    And keep in mind: Qui va piano va sano e lontano:-)