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Bauska to Barbele

Breakfast eaten, I made my way to Barbele. I was still walking on the road when the GPS indicated some kind of shortcut.
Few meters saved always seems good to take. It was leading to a sand path, which I took. But after less than two kilometers it turned out  being ice. As I had not my crampons with me anymore I made my way very slowly.
Then mud replaced the ice. Each step was harder than the previous. I couldn't continue this way, I ought to get back on the asphalted road.

The shortest way was to cross a field for about 600 meters. The field was like a sponge. For each step, my shoes were sucked up some 15cm in the ground. I some point I felt I could stay stuck their.

Pulling my shoes out of mud was made even more difficult by the weight of the accumulated mud around the shoes. What a release when I finally reach the asphalt, and what a waste of energy and time.

Unfortunately, in the process blisters had formed on my heels, and today I still suffer from them despite great care to cure them.
As always, and as a lesson, the shortest way is not always the fastest. But it seems that we always reproduce the same mistakes.
"Experience is the name men give to their mistakes".

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