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I will cross again this wonderfull country but in a different way and with a new purpose.

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to be continued

Few kilometers after Eleja, I was warmly welcomed at Maris' place. Maris runs with his wife a small factory that produced all kind of wood utensils for cooking, as well as chairs, tables... and anything you need for sauna, from buckets, bath thumb to a complete sauna.
There work some 10 employees, all hand crafted people.

Again, no need to tell you how kind were those people. I spent few hours talking with Maris' wife, had home made tasty food and after a shower a good sleep.

On my way to Bauska, I had the pleasure to meet Samanta and her grandma.
Samanta is a 14 years old girl, found of piano, who already speaks a good english. She walked me the the most famous castle in Latvia, the Versailles of Latvia, Rundale.

I spent not much time in the castle, no time to afford a complete visit, a good reason to come back.
Arrived in Bauska, I went to local supermarket to get some stuff.

Bauska has a medieval castle, the type of fortified walls with towers. Again, no time to visit it.
I walk some 8 km more and came the time to find a resting place. I found what was looking like a little village. In fact it was a "summer village". Plenty empty cottages where people only come on vacations. But I saw an house with smoke come out of the chimney. There was definitely someone living there.
Indeed, a couple of retired people. I knock at the door and a little woman came from the side of the house with a beautiful smile on her face. Her name was Stacija.
As most of people here she was speaking Russian. And as most people too, she was amazed about my trip, and the size of my bag. It is indeed very big and heavy.
She lives here with her husband, a very nice man. As my Russian is not yet perfect, he was speaking very slowly and clearly.
Stacija prepared us a soup made of local products, meat, black bread and butter.  Nothing taste lime home made food, prepared with your own vegetables.
In there house, a lovely cottage made of big logs, they have a traditional Latvian sauna. When she ask me if I would like a sauna now, you can imagine how happy I was. My muscles were highly demanding it.
Traditional Latvian sauna involves beating your skin with birch tree branches, to stimulate blood flow. Very efficient. After sauna, I felt very sleepy and it didn't take long to fall asleep

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