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I will cross again this wonderfull country but in a different way and with a new purpose.

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Right after Vecsaule, a wide sandy ribbon goes through a majestic forest. This is the main road to Barbele.

Latvian territory is covered at 55% by forest. Half of it is state owned and the other half is private.

The dominant trees in the forests are coniferous, pine and spruce. The rest of the territory is covered by deciduous stands, mostly of birch, aspen and common alder. There are small stands of hardwood trees (oaks, ashes) and grey alder.

As I was seating on a bench at a bus stop taking care of my blisters, a car stopped and a young woman asked me if I would fancy a cup of hot tea. It was pretty chill and as I never refuse anything to people who show kindness, I said yes.

Within five minutes driving we arrived at what seemed to be a farmland. There were some houses, barns and surprisingly a church made of red bricks.

My kind hosts were Kalvis, his wife Lelde, little Kalle and two dogs. They live in a beautiful yellow house they are refurbishing.
We had herbal tea made from the garden's harvest, honey from the farm next door. Later Lelde cooked some tasty rice with vegetables.
Kalvis is musician at the National Opera. But at present he is enjoying parental leave to look after little Kalle. Lelde is a teacher and her hobby is pottery. She makes at home all kind of kitchen utensils with her own design. You can visit her page here
As time always passes quickly in good company, evening came and they offered me to stay there overnight.
I had a very pleasant time talking with them. Lelde is fluent in English and Kalvis has a good knowledge too.
This young couple is willing to build for themselves and family a high quality life by choosing to live in country side, growing organic food and living at their pace.
In the morning, going my way in a very good mood, I was totally unaware of the rather peculiar two days I was about to face.

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