About Latvia 2014

Dear followers!

You will be soon able to follow me on my new project, starting on 1st September 2015.

I will cross again this wonderfull country but in a different way and with a new purpose.

Discover this new exiting adventure here:



Dear followers,

Next September I will cross Latvia on foot again. But this time I will go with my friend Alesia Arkhipova.

We will cross the country from north to south, starting from the Estonian border near Mazsalaca and finishing by the Belarussian border after Daugavpils.

The purpose won't be just to cross in  direct line but to meet more people on the way so as to relate afterward, in a film documentary, the life and traditions of Latvian people together with the twists and turns of our adventure

We will share our experience on this blog, so you will be able to follow us and support us.

We hope that this new expedition will please you, and are looking forward to start it.